all tracks for the Criminal Queers Soundtrack were Engineered, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by the immeasurable Jesse Parsons. words cannot convey gratitude enough.

"Criminal Queers" is a film by Chris Vargas and Eric Stanley.

"no center riches" was recorded before a live audience on june 9th at the jon sims center in san francisco as part of the queer arts festival 2006 presentation of "why are faggots so afraid of faggots?" as curated by mattilda, a.k.a. matt bernstein sycamore. divas thank jesse parsons for making this live recording possible.

"immaterial" has a humpy gayboy bassline by frog. "immaterial" features a vocal track which was recorded in the living room of one eric stanley, using a megaphone borrowed from grand jury resister nadia winstedt. raul plays flute. handclaps supplied by eric, chris vargas, sean garrison and some kid named matt.

"escaping homotopia," "come in my mouth," "immaterial" and "immaterial (the last take)" are part of the soundtrack for the 2006 short homotopia directed by chris vargas and eric stanley.

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