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And so doctor dialectical picked a perfect palace
Claymation affinity vibrations were rotatin' on walls
it's her patent compromise as animated halfways
it's ze and hir and he and all them others
tellin stupid stories all involving flowers and cops
over campfires where i cruise for metallic ass
I'm so special, you're so special let's rebuild this lie with cotton
yo i'll make scratch and sniff stickers that smell like the redwood trees
and teach them all to rip apart boardroom tables
this one treesitter i fisted he's at sunset
it's the roots versus the wires the concrete cracks
I'm all busy writing poetry about anarchist ladybugs
we were born with barbwire critiques that's why they're afraid of us
asking are you boy or girl I say both I'm neither
and my identity isn't author it's between the words I wrote
authenticity will be reclaimed on not ego no more
I put that on every security guard employed in your favorite store
bubble gum dispensers charge 25 cent tax no more
California will be crushed on the cop's suicide birthday
big bang theories are boomin on my budget boombox
showering dead skin cells my tooth is aching sucrose
impowerment without implants but intuity I say
the stalls or no-op china books or one day when I'm older I will tell ya all about it
ha ha in my eyes i still hold secrets sucker!
I'm supersensitive or sexy sticky pencils and tracks of four
yawning because i did something that made shits feel good
open bed feels broken tooth of me who's boxes weeping
ugh ugh where did i put that boxcutter, bitch

you live in a box
with some leaves
and a knife
and then you cut
the box up
and make a art

let this beat here inspire all police officers to retire
police officer oh police officer quit your job and play w/ us!
you notice how you never see two cops holding hands?
unless yer in an s&m club with two buff fags!
religion and department stores that led me however
security officers quit yer job too i need free shit
riotous child soul governs the cardboard city wide
fare hike my ass ride a bike and flick the fluck off
dedicated to those silly ass black on black fare vultures
I am tranny boy, look 15, will only pay 35 centz
that's dynamite advice from the never pay full price poltergeist
my girlfriend will play my mommy we split the cost
this magnificent police funeral and brunch land is all for sale
handcuffs should only be used for bondage silly kid
and land should be a... or maybe not a sermon's electricity
can't own sun or stars so why shacks or my room?

product pig identity disorder has now taken over the most radical of kids is armed with ideas but not ideologies
the urban hermitt is hella proud to have bruises and bite marks last nite he had fun she pointed her squat in colors
stars and stripes should be sex marks from a rough time
sustainable palace again it needs to be told
how about i play you a 7 inch from a real underground band
april fool's psoriasis ancients and dieties ancanthus swirl
head lead itself to new states of let go
basically it's two boys geometry ala femme made food and home
crack the knuckle stretch and do 25% yoga

andre the urban hermitt is my lyrical brother and we wrote
this back and forth...note the greenthink structure...heh
there will be another longer song in this structure soon...
called Secret Worlds...i could do a whole album like this...it makes me cry...wah
click me if nothing's happening"