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everything is worse than you think it is...here's one: solar energy is not a movable library.

6. Eroded condoms in my coat launch a load down my throat.
7. i ain't go shit to say
8. You could learn a lot from my songs...I won't
9. say 'em to your face.
10. Well, it's been a real long while since I shed light through exegesis.

it takes a grove of coral fluorescent trees shivering brains of leaves...

Nemox91: ralowe
Nemox91: hey, i made it through basic training, im an airman in the greatest air power the world has ever known, hey ralowe im brain washed, im a real boy.
Nemox91: anyways im in pensacola flordia now, NAS pensacola
Nemox91: technical training
Nemox91: 5000 sailors, 3000 marines and only 250 of us airforce.
Nemox91: keep in touch.
Nemox91: lates...
Anothernumber999: huh
Anothernumber999: what?
Anothernumber999: you said that you were going to do a non-combative position
Anothernumber999: i guess they tell folks to tell their friends and families that so they don't freak out
Anothernumber999: tricky
Anothernumber999: isn't power delicious?
Anothernumber999: don't get power drunk, honey...


Nemox91: oh im not
Nemox91: how have things been these past 8 weeks or so?
Anothernumber999: oh ha ha
Anothernumber999: i get it
Anothernumber999: you were doing a little zucker abrams and zucker humor
Anothernumber999: hot shots
Anothernumber999: cows wearing army boots
Anothernumber999: wow... this war is sooooo right
Nemox91: hey, what is going on in politics and the war, ive been in a prison these past months, no outside information
Anothernumber999: i'm not the positive reinforcement one
Nemox91: i know this
Anothernumber999: well
Anothernumber999: they figured out that the history of the united states up to when you've enlisted was actually a pretty darn good thing, so you have nothing at all to worry about
Anothernumber999: go knock em dead buster
Anothernumber999: get any hot marine cock?
Nemox91: no, but you'd probably be slack-jawed at every turn
Anothernumber999: got yr salt peter?
Nemox91: in basic im almost positive
Nemox91: here i jack off every day
Anothernumber999: to what
Nemox91: the images i contrive in my head
Anothernumber999: are you using iraqi oil-based baby's blood for lube
Nemox91: home made of course
Anothernumber999: ...
Anothernumber999: you're sick...
Anothernumber999: i'ma put this on my site
Nemox91: no, you dont undersatnd
Anothernumber999: under the song about my masculinity
Nemox91: i only wanted to educate myself
Anothernumber999: ha ha ha
Anothernumber999: so're you saying the i know something you don't
Nemox91: D-:
Nemox91: dont make me cry
Anothernumber999: why not... sounds pretty hot
Anothernumber999: laying in a cot
Anothernumber999: rifle half cocked
Anothernumber999: ballin'
Anothernumber999: you can give us a little early mel gibson
Anothernumber999: gallipoli!!
Anothernumber999: mightiest air force in the world
Anothernumber999: for a mythologicophile you seem to really have a poor apprehension of the concept of "hubris"
Nemox91: im sorry that i disappoint you so
Anothernumber999: no i actually find this very amusing
Nemox91: i hold your opinion and intellect in high regard.
Nemox91: thats what disappoints me
Nemox91: me.
Anothernumber999: ...
Anothernumber999: yeah
Anothernumber999: i wonder what patrick stewart thinks of whoopi's movies after star trek sometimes...
Nemox91: any ideas?
Anothernumber999: yes!
Anothernumber999: leave the army!
Anothernumber999: dumb ass
Nemox91: airforce!
Anothernumber999: fuck you!
Nemox91: and i cant, that paper trail would follow me forever
Anothernumber999: ha ha ha
Anothernumber999: clown
Nemox91: im already a slave (sorry) so all i can do is "put my queer shoulder to the wheel"
Nemox91: queer, for you
Anothernumber999: what the fuck are you talking about?
Nemox91: nothing
Nemox91: absolutely nothing....
Nemox91: ugh
Anothernumber999: ha ha ha
Anothernumber999: angsty emo army character
Anothernumber999: ha ha
Nemox91: ha
Nemox91: fag
Anothernumber999: hi i'm miss ampu
Anothernumber999: pleased to meetcha
Nemox91: am i wasting your time?
Anothernumber999: hi this is susan sarandon and you're watching e! entertainment television
Anothernumber999: no i get off on this
Nemox91: god damnit...
Anothernumber999: it has hollywood blockbuster written all over it
Anothernumber999: in iraqi baby blood, of course
Anothernumber999: oil-based lube
Nemox91: i never killed nobody
Anothernumber999: face-to-face
Anothernumber999: you know what they call beating off in hong kong?
Anothernumber999: shooting airplanes
Nemox91: no
Anothernumber999: shooting airplanes
Anothernumber999: look it up
Anothernumber999: so do you jerk off to the other boys in your platoon?
Anothernumber999: tell me
Nemox91: no
Anothernumber999: liar
Anothernumber999: you brainwashed homophobic shithead
Anothernumber999: gimme the goods
Nemox91: our training instructor caught a kid beating off at like 0200
Anothernumber999: my tax dollar pays for your marine shower rape cover-up
Nemox91: and made him stay up all not
Anothernumber999: what did the kid look like
Anothernumber999: i need details
Nemox91: charlie daniels band is playing in the background
Nemox91: ha
Nemox91: acne ridden, scared, deer in headlights look, with birth control glasses that could start a fire anywhere
Anothernumber999: don't try to humanize the unhumanizable
Anothernumber999: there's no hope
Nemox91: ill get it right in the next life
Anothernumber999: oops i guess you don't have to accept responsibility for anything in this life then
Anothernumber999: that's convenient
Nemox91: no.
Nemox91: what have i done wrong though
Nemox91: who have i killed with my hands?
Nemox91: show me the dying middle easterner that dustin silvis wounded
Nemox91: be pissed at your politician
Anothernumber999: wow you scapegoat just like a politician
Anothernumber999: oh my god, you're soooo powerless...
Nemox91: so are you
Nemox91: lets realize it together
Anothernumber999: i realize whatever you want if i get to lick out your ass, bitch
Nemox91: really?
Nemox91: do you have any know stds?
Anothernumber999: i'm clean as the salad bar at red lobster, honey
Nemox91: shit.
Nemox91: what do you got?
Anothernumber999: i have the gay cancer
Anothernumber999: brb
Nemox91: yeah i heard about that one
Anothernumber999: you know, when i first started chatting with you, i thought you were just a cute boy
Nemox91: now im just a cold hearted killer
Anothernumber999: now i'm realizing from our interactions that the consumption of a form of liminal generation y-ish masculinity with a certain indie music aesthetic to the whole whiteness thing in the information age of late capitalism is equal to supporting a murderous imperial agenda
Nemox91: ah fuck, so we are done interacting/
Anothernumber999: no i don't think so
Anothernumber999: i just want to state some more things
Nemox91: hurry up then cause my internet cafe time is almost up
Anothernumber999: particularly how the angsty culture thing of being between a stage of youth and adulthood can be fetishized and stylized to promoting an abnegation of one's personal responsibility as an agent enacting fascist oppression
Anothernumber999: which explains how you are able to participate and be assimilated to easily as you were
Nemox91: ew i hate that word in reference to me...
Anothernumber999: by the stylization of an uncertainity, by claiming your subjecthood as a assertion of your own "inidividuality"
Anothernumber999: but you'll get it right in the next life
Nemox91: ha
Anothernumber999: but not before the next life you take, unfortunately
Nemox91: im sorry that my existence offends you....itll be easier as a dragon fly
Nemox91: later ralowe
Nemox91: goodluck, goodbye, keep making music?
Nemox91: ?
Nemox91: lates.
Anothernumber999: heh
Anothernumber999: to clarify, your existence is an undying fountain of masturbatory fulfillment, to me
Nemox91: at least i serve a pleasurable purpose to someone
Nemox91: im also recently engaged, but you saw that coming too.
Nemox91: to a girl even.
Anothernumber999: you already told me that
Nemox91: really?
Anothernumber999: i'm not clear on what that has to do with me
Anothernumber999: maybe you could explain
Anothernumber999: still it has no bearing on your latent homosexual
Nemox91: obviously i have to proclaim my heterosexualness when conversing with you so that the mistake...
Nemox91: ok you got to it first
Nemox91: yes, latent homosexuality
Anothernumber999: yeah it's soo exciting
Nemox91 signed off at 5:23:46 PM.

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