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i got six letters to my name just the other day and they all
said i haven't met the owner since it switched rights for lefts as you might've guessed...
i don't wanna be an authority-hound, 'cause frowns are boring
but, i can glean awe more
from the spring than the autumn buzzing california... plus it seems a gaggle of
vapid academy of art college graduates started this magazine to catalogue all the
caucasians and gave you half a pageful of monthly flavors...ha.
blitzkreig ain't shit to me but sesame seeds in a yeti's teeth
say goodbye to the paper tiger when he betrays the wise and plays with fire
i only rap like I'm about to die 'cause they tryna kill us, hombre
so don't take this love song I say the wrong way as sirloin steak
or beef ingredients and sodium...
i can't exist in spaces incapable of critique, nor where
every participant isn't actively struggling
i can't call it love or hate when I'm partyin up in the place but the only
dark body and face was brought in on a mix tape or CD rather, I'm sayin' though just maybe I'm
afflicted with drapetomania... the surgeons paid to observe the sedated you obscurely
sophisticated daisy-chain of jazz commercials... sunglass windshield black
on some satanic beyonce panicked complicity in the department store as feminist
separatist space or history strait jacket...isn't is it? naw it isn't...living the maximum with
prinicples in practice
my veritable hope is that one day these black people power built would cry and tear
into existence some slim way to live against the world that seems to need to kill them
in order to stay the world
...a life without compromise...but as it stands its like building
flying parking structures with bones alone
confused tramp can't lamp where I chose to lamp
I gotta go 'cause you know Tu Lan don't take no food stamps...
cream filling on a pink handkerchief
purple album cover on the couch my dick's hard
you've been done before; maybe you should pursue litigation against
Universal because they came out with it before you...maybe they had spies
in yr parent's bedroom
staying spicy's a horrific affair
translucent bottles of water abandoned on the front
a bonafied nuisance youthfulness impersonate the giddiness
it felt special when I brought the spoon there
videogame skull dreams of grids
bent stage
play with boy galaxy taste
my fate
pimp slaughter
the whole era is entertainment dog
our merciless bay vibrance
rocket science
gangster burgers

it's a private preoccupation of mine, getting shocked to death, and I attribute it to the good grid
im not appropriately complex enough to hold a job and have sex and stuff
everything in this life is symbollic
more art school drama
unnecessary surgery
strung out pursuit complex since america's so great
strict diet of beige diet holds itself together it's not my country
im sure you need to be able to relax as much as I do
but I'm talkin now
america's a money idea or tip if you don't need to sleep again
barbecue flavored chips in my casket
so i can't stretch that good
an exhaustion of punks relate
pulled his rims to the curb in his big new remix the world
has been waiting for
introspective party music
you can't have everything
this is why I stopped reading... couldn't write in the black of...those accomplishments
i couldn't write ... choked academia... no jumps i don't want a portrait nor a pyramid
i can't read if there's no tomorrow
i can't read period

whats yr take on blackalicious?

dog? cat?

capitalist? blakitolist?

pluckin' pimps
out the pantheon
and then
their penises
and addin' em
to a list of
things we don't want
in this world
we wanna create
I, the whiny
categorized as
you should recognize
the vindicator's
offensive cadence
& pensive phrasing
isn't it amazing
different day
and spittin the
same thing
gets crazy uniteresting

I'm thinkin' about
makin bombs outta police
intestines and
sugarless chewing
gum and bowlingballs
and baking soda
with an ugly diamond
studded patent leather
dog leash soaked
in antifreeze
for the wick.
excuse me would
you please move
your lifestyle?
no horsebetting
in the chimney
thanks for asking
about my check
but i already
added it to
the quilt
it's embarrassing
it's not ventura
a martial sunset
allergic to diplomacy
muddy vision
toxic aftermath
secrets in a mattress
disappeared in the mirror
I'm unconscious
some made-up alphabet
weightless skateboard

chris verse i wrote...

pimp slaughter

8-14-03... i think...sometime around when i was trying to get welfare...

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