Doctor Deep Thinker in fuckin' Pitt and your fuckin' boss. "Heartbeat aparatus!!"

Travelling over sandunes with Pop E. Seed Smash
Promise is
Alexis the Promise Smith

Niggas need Jesus!!! On that track you like with
Coffee Gallery cum Lost and Found Salloon

bye-bye Dom show
Compliment Box loop of Mod Set
Zerioized you know that song you're into
it's a sample of Saint of All Killers

Chopped up Juba's voice omnipresent television with

You know that one that goes

Aspects of Tim'm T West and
Ralowe T. Ampu and Soviet Hymn
on my shitty shitty home equipment

original version of Mr. Autumn performed by Scha Dara Parr

doing 4/4 with
Dutchboy Battle for Utopia with Karter Karter Louis Louis
"Heart beat caught up in the breath of the moment
Mod Set with new

member at da Stork

The manager of the Stork club

Hugo drinking water on The Try Force I love you I
love you
Diseased homosexual orgy with Sundrizzle, Maker, Chase Manhizzle and yours truly at Vulcan in Fruitvizzle.
Sean Morgan repels boys.

This is meant to look exactly like the credits on Greenthink. Exactly.

Mod Set and Ralowe @ the den of sonick illbience
Society for Cutting Up Boxes Rhani Lee.
I hope you don't hate my ass Ricky. I didn't know.
Ian Callas holds down the bg.
Crimestar is cute as fuck but has issues on breakfast with God-Des and Maker. Love love Wisconsin.

Sean Garrison guitar all through different spots...
using my shitty yamaha keyboard moi

you know that one song you don't like and have problems with it's
all me...

missing Dominic eating himselfs
Loops on a minidisc My boy friday Steve Smash on the fourteenth into the new M. And the way the text
goes on cLOUDDEAD I have no aesthetic so I'm


the soda fountain mix of
s. c. u. b.
has urban hermitt on it

stealing like mimetipoly alloy do

jo-ey took this background picture, all the immortal nails background pictures...but most of the pictures on my site are
taken by people i can't remember...

which is an utter travesty...

but it's fun anyway
Love to sCaught on the YLG remix tip. Stev
e tried to help me the crudzilla jerking off at Borders with god as my

witness so help me sincerely ralowe you're so utterly pathetic

biased research teams
tried to hurt me and called it



on suspectrelle...
accordion by dillon of oakland
1 gallon pail drumming by salim


more sun again maybe?

what's yr take?
the treat st mob chris, jesh, dan,
steph, morgan, karen, kr, thom and josh on
backing a special non treat st
appearance by mattilda....
If I was
the editor of xy magazine keyboard by that one boy
um Patrick tranny goth kid you know GSharp studios joweiho knows that I didn't go back to the chocolate dumpster after the political funeral for gwen araujo and jihad alim akbar loops on a minidisc
I would endeavor to demonstrate images

loop by that one boy I met at the Luggage Store who said he was going to

oh the

my last day of july in the treat house but not the last day in that house...
basis for

mandolineer danny, mc505 dan, bassist chubby...
is based on the Children in Heat slammer titled, Lost and Found...

as is the basis for
based on Lord Crystal Exit by the same insane band...

send me a copy of cowboy rapping who did that awesome vocalizing with his

guitar playin rap and roll riff by jesh-dog the whole era on scenesters' heads

this motherfucker flew me all the way out to
the ass-end of pennsylvania and then told me
i don't have rhythm...

neck bulging out but never sent me shit...

conflict resolution with Xarick vat RAQ in an
undisclosable location

the coop is home to me and dan and jesh make music in the redstone bldg...isn't that romantic??
Uncle Wongozi comes outside a soviet hymanl

convo of mitsu overstreet, archie smooth & ralowe on R.A.R.P.W.A.B.

Blake and Rocco are
neither one the one so don't frontate.
Smash the esophagus alterity
at RAQ the narrative of the movie pass as told to chandler s. bolt

magnificence ah contains the rap vocals of that katastrophe rocco again and

plus singsonging of cara
over something which may or may not be the cambodian pop of the lovely mark gerghis

pimp to the sauce at g to the sharp
damaging all the established conventions of values
that's killing the youth
in the city

vibrato on Dead Wrong from a Leslie
Cheung bootleg in C-Town recognize

me and my white girlfriend


your secret vibration

F the usual criminal K the fifties for snatching my minidisc recorder and player which was my sole music-making shit at the Prop N stands for Nightmare demo in the Marina. Ho-lice.