radio of k8 and karoline
jeff g. guitar and note transcribing and seanathon affirmirror's square waves on boy
i wanna say woopty-woop to the motherfuckin algol star system one time
music from jo wei oh and that motherfucker master cylinder
my business is the burning off bus guitar strings
with my purple neon t-shirt gleams
glamorous deliverance ball
doesn't matter

the brian fuckin schultz album by mc sketchball the inbent's confused suburban laughter

Turn-Ons Include Direct Action...

madman departure
monstrous singularity
monstrous singularity
let's play a bouncing ac adaptor unplugged thang-a-thang called glass bottom pirahnas in the freezer
saturday without you
it's too embarrassing to draw in my palm in public
in the future every one will have digitized schizophrenic sides to their face that they can talk to and nobody will get hurt ever
Ha ha ha ha ha, I think
torches to rome
(ralowe has a fake whiteboy on he pretends to be)
Where I Went After The Political Funeral.
that exploding patrol car shit
because hey they would prefer to see it sitting empty
So what’s the temperature of the most immature emperor?

what we do

amateur dead in the door smell ghosts in a floor plan a thousand lives a thousand lights all matted in adventures of cold steel embarrassment conclusion
for all my impetus and conviction not really committed to something that'll kill me
affirming nothing that is me in and of itself
its all in the eraser
deleted from the skyline
burn off in a book about it
when i saw these fake nooses on the street
The fight affect makes me shiver warm.
Circulatory of lava.
Irradiates healing fingers full of splinters from biking.
Thick bicyclist grip digits.
Bicycles and asthma.
Today in my city completely opened-up and of my own I give and take colors and arrangements of something.
Approaching a satisfactory being satisfied but living and dying upon the presumption of satisfaction.
This is condescending:
My feeling is that most ideas tend to be obvious and the only utility media finds is in pornography and sport.
chocolate dumpster lullaby.mp3
expressed desire condemns it
My curiousity’s whiskers caught in the discarded cardboard cut-outs of all the co-dependent things I pretend not to care about.
Can I even think anything outside of my head?
I wanna move to LA but then if I move to LA I won’t be able to say that I wanna move to LA anymore.
Goodbye note’s clear and present calm.
Reminded me who I wanted to be before the big bank thing I was on.
Showed me something on accident which reminded what fight looked like.
Sunshine in a mirror.
Punching my stomach.
(ralowe is a total porn addict)
Lyrics to the abomen.
The Narrative of the Movie Pass.
Put my heart into every word I say. Can’t put out words without my heart behind them.
Wheatpaste in my clothes.
It erased my game when my house got flooded burned down drowned last room mate.
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
Lost at the eagle.
Back to ventura.
Fingers touching nothing.
I want to go back to Ventura and fold it all up.
Zap the barcode off the church’s military design draped off with bubblewrap.
They must need a lot of firefighters in Oakland.
Splintered fingers crush my horned-up histomes.
There’s hundreds of people lining up to conform.
Horseless centurion in your underwear suburban surfin’ channels pizza eating grease homeless.
My chillin’ is complicated.
(ralowe has separation anxiety which is probably tied to his compulsive fetishization of the more rubescent of the young male adult labiodentrifices)
Someone’s lost keys stood me up for pizza in the door’s mouth.
Still in ventura.
I’m too old to ever be a gymnast.
with no grand deliverance call
its so not worth the fuckin' minutes
to walk around with a self-eating shark fetus in your hong kong pants pockets
is it
Violet squat shadow regret-shaped morning shock of being married between the thought and the act.
I died on the phone because it’s something that eats you up.
Shopping for hiding places.
For sale signs written in blood.
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
Soy sauce packets in the box of groundscore rice doggie dish.
Yuppie’s guarding glances.
no healing pill
Ha ha ha ha ha
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
doesn't matter
nothing happened

so after the snake march, rwanda and chad go to the atm with satan while prometheus brings ice to the mission district but im so over talking about it really
Where I’m coming back from.
Didn’t hidden head unwritten know a wish a life without compromise was possible until I breathed through the popular concept of ex to the hale and then you.
No comeuppance fire retardant withstand the bombardment.
Narratives that spell that timeless battle of forgetting your place on the clockface.
(ralowe borrows largely from the art of indie rapper adam doseone drucker)
Feels the feet between one foot and two foot like I stand in you.
Where I’m going.
My name’s abyss.
Profess my sincere shattered shaft full sobered down shafted of lighter than lightless longing on-going not longing long enough though on through wilds.
Hold this a second while it lays slammed shut on cue
I’m defeated boss
I’m blocking what’s not possible the shadow’s trip to work with dirt.
If hair ever they’d a monolithic lay on my letters.
Favorite color is obedience.
Nightmares of mirrors without me in them is typical narcissistic energy parasite forever drama.
Blood on fire.
(ralowe attacked another african american male his age three times in public on his paranoid suspicion the said victim of attacks had sexual relations with his ex-boyfriend who was of asian descent)
The distinction between fighting with you for you beside you or as you blurred.
Build whatever you need on my face since I’m not showing anyone anything that belongs to me.
I wannabe Luke Skywalker.
Bicycles and asthma,
fighting the fascists,
dining and dashing,
highly sarcastic,
cassettes in a casket,
the anarchy from my anus straight enlightening the whole planet.
click here to access the ice_armor.mp3
Notice said blood on my face.
Notice said hair in your bed.
Nothing really matters.
Nothing's revelatory.
Nothing's new.
(ralowe has occasionally seriously considered going to san francisco's castro district)
but i go to the franchise here and this was playing on the third floor and it sounded so racist and psychologically abusive that i'd thought it'd be cute to buy it and sample it because i had some cash and just bought a sampler the same day
Hong Kong Pants Song!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Our dragon
Our african american thar be
Straight on non-american protocol alert for coloring
Sleepin' on my attorney's couch
Rash complication mass adducts childhood silicates into one last grand final parking lot of a sidewalk bodiless
As rape-constant as revolutions need to be in the sleepy film student context
Everything in the childhood forming horrific misuse of the under-represented
All the calming dictionaries I wanted to chest crack and light show
She is
We don't have the same problems
Vomit rape music but rape's this familiar as film or phlegm
Stereotype stomach
What's this rape for?
Scared of